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Unless your company name happens to be "Your Name Here", you will probably want to substitute the sample image above with one that has your own site name. Just open the image in your favorite graphic program and add your own text. If you don't have a graphic program...you more then likely have Image Composer, which comes with Front PageŽ.

If you need to add extra pages to your web, use the newpage.htm page provided within the web template. Make a copy of the page (just copy and paste within the folders view), save the copy and give it a name. Then drag the page into the navigation view. Front Page will then add the proper names to the buttons and page banner.

Within the "Read Me" page are tips and hints on how to use some of the dynamic effects which are included within this theme package. We've combined the convenience of a theme with the power of style sheets.

If you have a working knowledge of tables, you will be able to have full control over how your final web site will be presented. Merge cells together, span rows or columns, add extra tables where you need them.... the possibilities are endless.

To modify this page, simply delete this sample text and replace it with your own. Use care that you do not delete any existing tables.